The reunion starts with a Friday night, October 25th burger party at Chris Madrid's, starting at 7:00 PM. Your $20 admission will include cheeseburgers, fries, and soft drinks. A cash bar will be offered.  Saturday, October 26th at 2 PM we have a guided tour of our high school, followed by the main event, a party at the San Antonio Country Club, starting at 7:00 PM. The dress for Saturday night is "Dressy Casual".  Saturday Night's event will include a mexican food buffet, a DJ, and two drink tickets for each person.

Don't forget to mail your money for the reunion activities by Friday, October 18th, so we can notify our venues of the attendance numbers. 


For those signing up for the High School Tour, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Paul Foerster will be one of the tour guides for this event.


Classmates can now view the items that will be available at our reunion tour by going to www.ahschoolfoundation.org and then going to Alumni and Shop Heights. You now have the option of  ordering the souvenirs online ahead of the reunion or buying them at the school tour on Saturday afternoon. Profits from the sales go towards funding teachers and supporting our District.



Here is a current list of those who are attending the reunion events. The list will be updated periodically.

Amy Lytle Doyle

Anne Mortimer Ballantyne & Steve Ballantyne

Barbara Stevenson Garcia & Leonard Garcia 

Becky Russell Wagner & John Wagner 

Betsy Brewer Chaffee & George Chaffee 

Beverly & Dwight Cobb 

Carol Spears Harris & Marty Harris

Carolyn Clark Patterson & Scott Patterson

Cathy Bernhard Garison

Charles George & Carolyn Lang

Cynthia Green Graham

Eileen Saunders & Mark Weber

Larry Beck

Linda Uhrich Planting

Marie Kisner

Mike Sarosdy & Monique Hinchcliff

Nancy Holmgreen Gerhard & Rod Luedke

Phyllis Gander Nelson

Ralph & Nancy Lehr

Randy Lockwood

Shellie Smith Yokum

Susanne Silber Schieffer

Toby & Patricia French

Elaine Yrizarry Tucker

Robert & Rachel Halls

Nancy Johnson Nystrom & Jon Nystrom

Gil & Betty Price

Virginia Street Koehl & Gary Koehl

Connie Copeland Booth & Bryan Booth

Jo Hinds

Steve Roos

Karen Kothman Watford & Hardy Watford

Tony & Cathy Sisk

Barkley & Glenda Miller

Charlie Schreiner & Mary Moore

Patti Tennis Flynn

Jack Beckwith & Carol Jacob Beckwith

Albert & Kathy Biedenharn

Mandy Proll

Lynn Motheral Ziegler & Thad Ziegler

David Brady & Anne Harwood

Dan & Mary Wigodsky

Kathy Reilly Hoermann

Bill & Jean Frazer

Mary Collins & Tish Collins Vandervoort

Barry Balser & Linda Gintel

Nina Watson Chevalier & Ed Chevalier

Nancy Smith Hollimon & Chuck Hollimon

Neil Ruttenberg

Charlie Kerr

Randy Rogers & Gay Gordon Rogers

Mary Rogers Barrett & Mark Barrett

Craig Hummel & Jan Anderson

Bob & Jenny Buchek

Frannie Roberts

Marie Coney Zunker & Larry Zunker

Winifred Heaney Mundinger & Will Mundinger

Eleanor Stenger Dawson

Sally Hatchett

Barbara Mosher Finger & David Hawkins

Kathleen Williams

Phillip Wetz

Ashley Porter Margetson & Paul Margetson

James & Lynn Franklin

Danny Fletcher

Jackie & Jenny Nahoum

Michael Caseb & Candy Mathews Caseb

Jerry & Cheryl Wilson

Robert & Pam Bain

Bill Kaufman & Guest

Jamie & Whitney Smith

Sharon L. Heard

David & Susan Masters

Jeff & Sylvia Middleton

Craig & Susan Jeffery

Leo Tamez

Mike Mount

Ev Sewell

Barbara McClaugherty Tomaszewski

John & Sharon Etier

Guy Bob & Cindy Buschman

Bob Alexander

Deb Sarosdy

Hans & Catherine Helland

Christi Shaw Moorman

Joe Cohen & Joann Doyal

Joe Brown

Patricia Ball Windom & Pat Windom

Lynn Bobbitt

Eloise McAllister

Brenda Pleasants Medows & Autumn DaCosta

David & Donna Adams

Sally Walker

Dan Pfeil

Terrie Erickson Musselman & Jamie Musselman

Mike & Jill Berler

Sandy & Michelle Stokes

Deborah Beck

Ron & Dolores McAtee

Joanie Tibbets Hudson

Helen Graf

Margo Thornton Harrod & Gary Harrod

Bob & Jan Benson

Debbie Munoz Wood

Kathy Smith

Patsi Barr Nau

Steve & Karen Stone & Emily Stone

Laddie & Camille Denton

Cal Bobbitt

Don & Timmie Greer

Kathleen Fisk

Lindy Bennett Todd

John Rives

Linda Dinius Benson

Roy & Cammie Smith

Mary Pat Bolner Begeman

Jimmy Norman

Peggy & Howard Betts

Diana Hawley & Regina Fulmer

Janice Cohen Novy & Ben Novy

Lisa Garrett Smith

Connie Brown

Christi Carswell Adams & Michael Adams

Pamela Christi

Sophia Angula

Susan Yerkes

Pete Keedy

Charlotte Creamer

Bill & Barbara Johnson

Lukin Gilliland

Carolyn Clark

Richard Byrne

Linda Mitchell Champion & Matt Champion

Chris Hummel

Lucie Wolf Taylor & Kent Taylor

Steven & Candy Roos

Fraser Stitt

Jim Ryan