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 Who is actually behind the curtain?

Gil Price is the driver of the site but Anne Mortimer Ballantyne also has a set of keys to the car.  Randy Lockwood has recently been let on board as a student driver to give Gil a respite from those many long hours at the wheel.  Feel free to send us your comments.



"This site is SO great. I'm having a blast with it."

"whoever worked on this has done an awesome fantastic job!!! thank you so much for your hard work and, this is great fun!!!"

"This is the first time that I've visited this website and it's a good one."

 "I think this site is going to go crazy…you have a big job ahead of you…thanks for doing it"

"I exist in complete drop-jawed amazement at people such as yourselves who can construct such wizardly tasks."

"Thanks for this web page. We are all having fun with it and the group chat option is really a hoot. We appreciate your putting it together and for being our adminisrator, too."


"Thanks for doing this Gil, it's been great to connect this way and it is so organized. I don't believe there is another reunion site like this one. At least there isn't in San Antonio."

"hey Gil you are the master of digital, music and film as always thanks a lot."

"Let me add my congratulations to you and Anne for the work you have done. This is an incredible site and I hope others will take advantage of it. It has been a treat to look at the postings and catch up on people's lives."

Gil, Ann, all of those who contributed to such a fantastic project...this site is impressive. It is a blast to use, easy to link . Actually, the words EASY and GREAT are understatements. Thanks for all the terrific work and countless hours that all of you put into this. And yes, I had so much fun the first time I opened it (10:30 pm), I stayed up until the sun shined into my window. sincerely yours, chuck

thank you, gil! I've already gotten one message from a dear friend I haven't seen since 69. the web site looks wonderful -- love the videos -- and I look forward to seeing you there!

Looking forward to the shindig next week, and as I said before, you have done an awesome job with this, and I appreciate all your hard work on it!



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