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Cheryl Jennings (Sauer)


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06/19/09 09:44 PM #1    

Robert Halls

It is hard for me to believe that Cheryl is gone. We were neighbors (about three doors apart at the apartments) for a couple of years at UT when I was between degrees and in grad school for awhile. In fact, she tried to get me to come down from Austin for the 10th reunion in '79, but I was getting ready to move to the East Coast for my Master's and I told her I was just too busy (at least that was my story).

Sorry I did not come that year, and even more sorry that she is gone. We spent a lot of hours sitting on the balcony reminiscing about our AHHS years. I wish she could come to the 40th to tell more stories.

06/26/09 12:10 PM #2    

Glenna Krumboltz (Smith)

Cheryl was one of the most talented people I have ever met. It didn't seem that there was anything she could't do. She was really smart, and in a way that didn't overwhelm those of us who aren't. And she had a way with a baton that was, well, certainly better than I could have done. But what I loved most about Cheryl was her laugh and her voice. Her laugh was lilting and sweet, and very funny. Her voice was magical. Most people in our class didn't know about her voice, but to those of us who did know, it was a treasure.

09/30/09 05:19 PM #3    

Christine Park

I agree with you, Glenna. (Hello, by the way!) There was nothing Cheryl couldn't do and did everthing well. In band class, Mr. Cranford was upset with the drum section being a little slow to pick up on some new music. In his frustration, he asked Cheryl to go up to a drum and play the piece. She was marvelous, of course! I loved and admired her grace, talent, and intellect.

In 1979, upon coming up with a name for my daughter, the name "Cheryl" came up. I said "absolutely!", thinking that there was no better name because it was the name of such a sweet and talented person.

08/28/10 08:43 PM #4    

Tina Zuelzer (Potter-Cullum)

 I am so humbled and sad...Cheryl was a beautiful person...She had the BiGGEST SMILE I have ever seen and the sweetest nature...those tough years and she was so precious and smart and just..... well balanced... and I send my spiritual blessings to you wherever you may be...

Love, Tina

08/01/11 09:34 PM #5    

Jim Hewitt

I knew Cheryl in the early years - Woodridge and AHJS. Even after all these years, I was still totally devastated when I stumbled onto this web page a few days ago.

From being a little boy with a wonderful friend, to becoming a young teenager experiencing for the very first time the wonder and magic of some very real, very genuine, and very powerful feelings toward an incredible young woman - she was there. She had a tremendous impact on my life, and will forever be an inspiration to me to always pursue greatness and excellence in everything that I do.

I can only hope that in her far-too-short life she was able to find the happiness and fulfillment that she so much deserved, and that all of her hopes and dreams came true. There will always be a very special place in my heart for the memory of a very wonderful and special girl, and a once-in-a-lifetime friend.

09/13/15 04:03 PM #6    

Randy Lockwood

From Pamela King

I was so shocked to see Cheryl Jennings listed among those who have passed on. She and I were very good friends during my two years at AHHS, before I moved to Houston. 


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