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Jackson Boone Cardwell - Jane's grandson


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06/16/09 06:31 AM #1    

Glenna Krumboltz (Smith)

What an amazing person she was. I remember that in 2nd grade, about 10 of us put on a play that we had made up. The Queen or the Princess part was played by, natually, Jane. She had grace and a special aura even then. She was one of the kindest people I have ever known. She is always missed.

06/21/09 09:41 AM #2    

Margo Thornton (Harrod)

I first got to know Jane as a friend in High School. We were hanging around with her older brother and his friends and thought we were pretty cool. Jane was always in for the big adventure. She wasn't afraid and that girl could really run. Once we were trying to get in to this house that we were told was vacant and haunted. It may have been haunted but it certainly wasn't vacant. We scaled a wall and just as we were coming up to the house, they released the guard dogs. I was not a big rule breaker so I was lagging cautiously behind. When we heard the dogs, I saw this blur blow by me. I realized that it was Jane literally flying to the wall. I got there many seconds later with the dogs lapping at my heels. She hadn't even broken a sweat. She did like to run and she was good at it. She and her husband, David Cardwell, spent her last hours running. They were living in New Orleans and training to run in a mini-marathon that was going to be in Hawaii. Her parents just left New Orleans after a wonderful visit with Jane, David, and their 2 1/2 year old son, Jack. They even remarked to each other how good and healthy Jane looked. Before they arrived back in San Antonio, they received a call that Jane collapsed while running with David. He ran ahead to get home to pay the babysitter. When he missed her, he ran back and found her unconscious. She was temporarily revived, put on life support, but died a week later on Mother's Day, 1978. We lost a wonderful friend that day. She was beautiful and funny. She was always fun to be with. She loved her friends but most of all she loved her family and they were extremely close. I have wonderful memories of our lunch group. Everyday five of us would go to one of our houses and that lucky mother would fix lunch for five. There was a lot of laughter and at least one food fight- with chess pie. Jane left behind her precious Jack who is now 33. He just had his first child, Jackson Boone Cardwell. She would have been a wonderful grandmother and I miss sharing that with her. Sarah Conger, her mother, is a "friend" of this class and has a profile on this website. She would love to read about your memories of Jane.

08/03/09 02:35 PM #3    

Patricia Ball (Windom)

Jane was such a wonderful person and friend. Always full of life and fun, and nice to everyone. I remember practicing for cheerleader together. We finally mastered the hit your head with your feet thing but alas, neither of us made it. The world lost someone so special when Jane left us. I think of her and her family so often.

09/07/09 09:25 PM #4    

Betsy Brewer (Chaffee)

Jane was a blessing to everyone that knew her. She was someone you could count on-always positive, full of joy and laughter. We can be assured that with her presence, Heaven is even more beautiful!

09/09/09 02:12 PM #5    

Carolyn Spears (Harris)

I wish I had pictures of Jane. I moved away from San Antonio after college and was so shocked to hear that she had passed away. I was working for American Airlines during those first years after college and moved so much that I didn't keep in the loop. I came back to San Antonio in 1989. It was then that I rekindled old friendships and would run into Mrs. Conger at Luby's or other random places. She is always so gracious and solicitous of Jane's old pals and I wish that I could have said more to her about the loss of her children. It must be unimaginable... Take care, Mrs. Conger, and remember that we think about you whenever we are reminiscing about the good ole days! We love you!

09/29/09 09:37 PM #6    

Lindy Bennett (Pottinger)

My memories of Jane go back to Brownies in 2nd grade. We skateboarded to each other's houses during elementary school and were close friends through high school. We had many sleepovers at each of our homes (I'll always remember Sarah's pancakes on Saturday morning) and were pretty much involved in all the same things. Jane and I both transferred to SMU our sophmore year. We had many hilarious adventures with Meredith, Jane's roommate. Double dating, spending summers in Dallas with Meredith and just laughing all the time are the memories I have of Jane. My entire youth was spent with Jane and enriched by her spirit and sense of fun. I'm so glad she left a legacy in her son Jack. I miss you dear friend and think of you often.

10/01/09 01:08 PM #7    

Sarah Williams (Conger)

Lindy, those days of carpooling I will never forget..What good friends your parents were to us and you and Jane for so long...thanks for your note...Love Sarah

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